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5 Reasons your Screwdrivers Are Failing You – Here’s How to Fix It

Wiha Microfinish screwdrivers

The Screwdriver is arguably the most commonly known and used tool in the world. Here’s 5 reasons why yours aren’t working for you and how to fix it.

phillips #3 screwdriver tip

1. The tip isn’t holding up

The tips on our screwdrivers are precision machined the to exact tolerances for a perfect fit – every time you use them. We utilize an exclusive chrome-vanadium-molybdenum tool steel to preserve the tip shape and durability for repeated use. We even harden them to a 60 on the Rockwell C scale and then coat them with Hard Chromtop Plating. This provides you with additional unmatched curability for tip and blade integrity.

When the tips on your screwdriver aren’t holding up, chances are it’s taking longer than it should to complete simple tasks and causing you frustration.

Wiha softfinish screwdriver handle in hand

2 . The handles aren’t doing you any favors

All of our screwdrivers and torque tools have a method behind their madness. The handles  are engineered to be proportionate to the size of the amount of power needed. Their ergonomic design follows the shape of your hand when in use to give you up to 40% more power. The smaller the tool, the smaller the handle to achieve maximum mechanical advantage. The two-component Soft Grip handles feel great in your hand and lead the industry in comfort and durability.

Wiha Screwdriver set

3. They don’t look nice anymore

When tools wear easily, you’re less likely to want to use them.  We design our products with that in mind. From the blades to the handles, with wear and tear, Wiha drivers are going to work as well on the 1,000th day as they did on the first day . With our sleek ergonomic design, hardened chrome wear and corrosion resistant finish, your tools will withstand the test of time in durability and add some style to your tool collection.

wiha precision screwdriver set

4. They’re draining your wallet faster than you know it.

There’s an old fishing saying that goes “If you take care of your bait, your bait will take care of you.” The same goes for your tools. If you invest in tools and the brand you buy, your tools will last longer, give you your desired results, and cost you less money in the long run. You’re one step closer to buying ANOTHER screwdriver with every nick, ding, and stripped screw.  When you invest in Wiha Tools, they’ll pay you back with longevity and high quality results.

wiha insulated precision screwdrivers

5. They aren’t backed by a “No Hassle Guarantee”

wiha no hassle guarantee

Our tools, including our screwdrivers, assist demanding professional tradespeople and tool aficionados alike in their day-to-day work. They are meant to be used and utilized often. However, if you are not happy for any reason return them within 12 months of purchase with proof of purchase and we will Repair or Replace it. For complete details, visit 

The Solution

Next time you find yourself in the market for screwdrivers, look for Wiha Screwdrivers. Shop Wiha Tools USA and Wiha Tools CA for your premium hand tools and new favorite screwdrivers.

Which screwdrivers to buy:

Great for around the house, shop, or at a job site. Comfort grip handle, hardened blade, a solid addition to any tool drawer.

wiha screwdriver with ruler

SoftFinish® Screwdrivers :

Provide protection when working near live components. Tested at 10,000 Volts, rated up to 1,000.

insulated screwdriver

Insulated Screwdrivers :

Our ESD Safe screwdrivers are available in a variety of sizes and protect sensitive electronic components from static discharge.

anti static screwdrivers set

ESD Safe :

Our Heavy Duty and Extra-Heavy Duty Drivers have our MicroFinish SoftGrip handle that won’t deteriorate when exposed to Petroleum Solvents. Extra-Heavy Duty drivers feature a Metal Striking Cap and Hex Bolster

heavy duty screwdriver

Extra-Heavy-Duty :

Precision drivers are what we do best. From tightening eyeglasses to disassembling an iPhone, our precision line is what you should be reaching for first.

small screwdriver

Precision :

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