#wihabreakfast Review

Asking our followers to post a photo of their breakfast with #wihabreakfast and with their tools might not be the most conventional way to engage them.

#wihabreakfast was born after seeing that breakfast seemed to make a common appearance; shout out to Sparky Channel for having breakfast as your YouTube Cover channel and Tool Boss for having a Wakie Wakie Eggs and Bacie Video   After seeing this, we decided that #wihabreakfast needed to be launched.

#wihabreakfast  details

Our promotion ran from April 16th-20th on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. We received 17 entries , 361 votes, and over 1,000 visits to the Gallery page.

1st Place image:  81 Votes

2nd Place Image: 72 Votes

3rd Place Image: 58 Votes

Although it was a very unconventional giveaway, we enjoyed having a sneak peak into how you start your day. Congrats to our 3 winners once again and thank you to all who make fun giveaway’s like this possible.

Looking forward to more next month

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