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Wiha Tools, The Best of 2018

As 2018 comes to a close, we have a lot to be grateful for. Without our tool loving audience, this year wouldn’t have been nearly as much fun for us. Here are some quick facts that round out 2018 for Wiha Tools.

Instagram @wihausa

With 2,068 likes, this giveaway post shattered our record and set the bar high for Instagram in 2018. The winner took home a very nice insulated 12 piece set. Congrats again to all of our winners this year!

Pinterest – Wiha Tools USA

The most re-pinned pin of 2018 featured the all inclusive 32800 with a play on the lyrics from “Santa Baby”. It was re-pinned 48 times making its way on to vision boards and wish lists alike. We agree, it’s very dreamy.

YouTube Wiha Tools USA

Our video on YouTube with the most views in 2018 featured our 26-in-1 Ultra Drivers. This year alone it collected 92,412 views. That averages out to almost 253 views per day.

Blog Post – Wiha Tools Blog

speede, Best of 2018

The SpeedE is Finally Here!

Our most viewed Blog post of 2018 was the centered around the speedE. We gave 2 away earlier in the year prior to it’s launch and hosted it on our blog. This post received 2,220 views after being published on March 6th. The speedE is now available and can be found at


The Facebook Post that had the most likes on it was a #malletmonday giveaway; It collected 176 likes. We give away one of our 10 Piece Split Head Mallet Sets once a month on Facebook or Instagram. Follow us and like us to see when the giveaway runs!

Twitter – @wihatoolsusa

For our 3rd BIG DEAL promotion this year, we launched our brand new set of Ratcheting Wrenches in Inch & Metric. This post on Twitter gathered 27 hearts from our followers in excitement for the new sets and the BIG DEAL Price!

MSP – Most Sold Product

Best of 2018

The product that was sold the most this year was a 4mm 2 piece Hex Metric Bit Set.

Most Beloved Reviews

One of our favorite parts of the job is reading tool reviews. The amount of feedback we receive is fantastic during the year. Recommendations, pointers and tips, industry specific quirks are all incredibly valuable. Here are a few of our favorites!

Best New Tools

Consider us biased, but we launched some great tools this year.

Y-Type Y000 Precision Screwdrivers are excellent for working with delicate electronics and accessing Apple products innards.

T-Handle Dual Drive Bit Holders

A step up from our current composite handles. The new dual drive T-Handle bit holders will fit in your hand better when using repeatedly.

12 Piece Ratcheting Wrench Sets in Inch & Metric

Although these aren’t a new tool in the industry, we are exceptionally proud of the case that the wrenches come in. It’s able to be mounted on the wall with 2 nail/screw slots. The slim design also makes it possible to lie flat in a tool drawer, all the while keeping your wrenches secure and organized with the bail system.

Lastly, and most recently, the speedE.

Thank You!

We’d love to hear from you. If you have comments, questions, suggestions, predictions for next year, please leave them below! Thank you for a fantastic 2018 and here’s to an even better 2019!


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