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Wiha Tools Gains Membership to the NAED

Membership to the NAED

MONTICELLO, MN – 7/19/2018

Willi Hahn Corporation dba Wiha Tools is excited to announce their Associate Membership into the National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED).

Founded in 1908, the NAED is the largest association of electrical distributors in the US. The NAED helps to provide networking, training, and education to their members as well as the industry. To become a member, applicants must endure a detailed and thorough application process.

“Everyone at Wiha Tools USA is very excited about our new membership in The National Association of Electrical Distributors. The NAED is a first-class organization and is truly the voice of the Electrical Distributor. Our goals and the goals of The NAED are one in the same, to provide members with the best tools, information and assistance to help them thrive and improve the electrical distribution channel.”, commented Vice President of Sales, Larry Short.

Pursuing and obtaining membership to the NAED is another avenue in which Wiha Tools continues to deliver excellence to their customers. Through this membership Wiha will be joining the 700+ Electrical Distributors already in the NAED’s network. Being accepted into the NAED is further validation of Wiha’s growing presence in the tool industry.

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Willi Hahn Corporation USA dba Wiha Tools is a wholly owned subsidiary of Wiha Werkzeuge Gmbh Schonach Germany Beginning in 1985, Wiha Tools has developed into the largest subsidiary of Wiha Worldwide. Offering over 3000 products from our Monticello, Minnesota based North American Headquarters we service all 50 states, Canada, Mexico, Central and South America. &

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