Wiha Studio Launches

Wiha Studio

The creative team here at Wiha Tools USA is very excited to be in the process of launching Wiha Studio, a fully functional creative studio for delivering high-quality media content to our awesome customers.

The goal of Wiha Studio

The studio comes amidst refreshed efforts to ramp up Wiha’s marketing program in the USA. Our goal is to bring you and future customers high-quality content to help inform your purchase decisions as best we can.

The studio is equipped with all the tools needed to create high-resolution product images (to include 360-degree product views), informative product videos, promotional overviews, interviews, news, and all post-production projects.

Wiha Studio – An ongoing project for the benefit of our customers

You may have noticed a surge of newly generated blog articles, promotional videos, and product images. Are we missing anything that you need to make a better-informed decision on your tool purchases?

We highly encourage you all to let us know what you think about the content we produce for you. We would love to hear your comments and suggestions—tell us what you want to see.

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