Wiha Torque Control Tools: Find what’s right for you

We’re breaking down our Complete Torque Control Tools offering.

It all starts with 2 main types of torque; fixed torque and variable torque tools. Our fixed torque tools are set at a specific level of torque and are unable to be changed, whereas variable torque are able to be adjusted within the range that the tool is rated for.

Both of our Fixed and Variable Torque tools (as well as our screwdrivers) have proportionate handles in regards to the tip/torque size. A larger tip or torque amount calls for a larger handle for optimum mechanical advantage.

When backing a fastener out, our torque control line offers 30-50% more torque to ensure removal is possible. When the set amount of torque has been reached, the handles produce an audible and distinctive click indicating they have been properly fastened.

Fixed Torque

There are 3 different types of fixed torque driver handles that Wiha offers.

Easy Torque

EasyTorque tools are designed for consistent and accurate torquing at a lower price point. Delivering consistent torquing on a indexable carbide cutter would be an example of where EasyTorque thrives.

EasyTorque is a non-certified tool accuracy with torque accuracy of ±10%.

torque control tools

They are available in 4.4 in.lbs/0.5Nm through 44.2 in.lbs/5.0Nm


TorqueFix handles are a certified tool and have guaranteed torque accuracy of ± 6% to 5000 cycles. The loosening torque of this handle is 30% greater than when tightening. TorqueFix blades are available in Torx®, Hex, Metric, and Inch as well as 1/4″ bit adapters.

torque control tools

The TorqueFix and EasyTorque have blades and adapters that are universal between handles for simplification.

Wing Torque

Our Wing Torque tools were designed for the same application but in a tight-fit environment. Imagine tightening a turret on a machine tool, you can’t take the tool out of the machine, you have to change the cutter.  You want each one of these cutters to be seated the same as the next so your chip load is consistent around the whole diameter of the cutter. Wing torque will get in to where you need to go.

With the Wing Torque line, they have their own set of blades due to their smaller nature.

They are available in 0.5Nm to 4.0Nm.

torque control tools


For the jobs that need repetitive heavy duty torque, we have T-handles with fixed torque for greater leverage and mechanical advantage. In Fixed Torque, the T-Handles are available from 6.0Nm-14Nm equivalent to 53-123 In/lbs. and are certified for ±6% Accuracy.

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Variable Torque


TorqueVario works as your multi-purpose tool. Available in varying ranges allows you to complete many tasks with one handy tool.

TorqueVario handles come with a separate adjustment tool.

To adjust the amount of torque that the handles output, their adjustment tool fits into where the blade or adapters live. By turning the tool, the amount of torque that will be output changes in the indicator window.

Utilize our handy online converter to help determine how much torque is needed.

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Insulated Torque Control Tools have their own special  6mm Hex composite SlimLine insulated blades. Because they are an insulated tool, you have to insulate the blades as well as the handle.  The Insulated SlimLine Torque Control Handle won’t accept non-insulated blades to protect the user. Our insulated tools are individually tested at 10,000 volts and are rated for 1,000 volts.

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As well as our Insulated line, the electrostatic dissipative torque tools have their own set of blades and adapters. For small and delicate projects requiring minimal torquing power, our ESD Torque Control Tools come in 15-80in/oz, 5-10In/lbs., and 5-18 In/lbs.

torque control tools


For the jobs that need varying heavy duty torque, we have T-handles with variable torque for greater leverage and mechanical advantage. In variableTorque, the T-Handles are available from 5Nm-14Nm and are certified for ±6% Accuracy.

torque control tools


The most intelligent of the Torque Control Tools we offer is  the iTorque. Completing jobs with multiple different torque values at a high accuracy point is where the iTorque shines. It is certified to ±6% and is available with the torque ranges of 60-210 in/oz, 7-26 in/oz, and 9-45in/lbs. It has a digital display screen the shows the current torque setting in Nm and in.lbs as well as cycle count.

To adjust the amount of torque, pressing the end button and turning the ribbed dial will change the torque to be output. The iTorque also comes with an adjustment tool for higher torque ranges where adjustment may become difficult.

torque control tools

Service Program

Industry standards suggest that torque tools are accurate for 5000 cycles or one year, but then they should be replaced or re-calibrated. For more information about Wiha’s Torque Control Service Program please visit:  https://www.wihatools.com/torque-service-program

To view Wiha’s complete line of Torque Tools, please visit: https://www.wihatools.com/torque-control-drivers-handles-blades

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