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Top 5 Rated Tools from Wiha Tools

The top 5 tools offered at Wiha Tools according to happy tool owners across the country based off of number of reviews that have been submitted.

32099 Insulated Screwdriver Set from Wiha Tools

1. Insulated Screwdriver Set 7 Piece

4.8/5 Stars Based on 33 Reviews

Our favorite review on this tool:

Great screwdrivers.

I’m an industrial maintenance electrician, I use my screwdrivers all day every day. I’ve twisted or snapped a few screwdriver tips from normal use, I’ve also rounded out many Phillips heads. The oldest screwdriver I have that is still in great condition is my Wiha. What ever steel they use for their tools is toughest I’ve come across yet. That’s why I decided to buy a whole set.

from Anonymous – USA
32097 Insulated Screwdriver Set With Square Tips

2. Insulated Screwdriver Set 7 Piece with Square Tips

5/5 Stars Based on 26 Reviews

Our favorite review on this tool:

Best screwdriver I have ever used.

Perfect screwdriver every time. Never an issue with slippage. I work in various factories and deal with machines from different manufacturers from different countries, all use different types of screws. Wiha is my favorite go to.

David D. – USA
70486 Color Coded Nut Setters from Wiha Tools

3. Color Coded Magnetic Nut Setters 6 Pc. Set

5/5 Stars Based on 13 Reviews

Our favorite review on this tool:

Finally got them

As I expected, another great set of nut drivers. The color coating is not a plastic type, but rather a heavy duty enamel paint. Been using the 5/16 and 1/4 daily for about a week and no scratches or anything like that. These are not hollow shaft, and they have a great heavy duty magnet. Guys at work are already were checking them out on the first day I brought them to work. Gonna have to keep an eye on these as with all my Wiha tools. Thanks Wiha, another home run with these drivers. Definitely a loyal customer for life.

Ltcommander83 – USA
75965 Master Tech 65 Piece - ESD Handle MicroBit Set in Metal Storage Box

4. Master Tech 65 Piece Set – ESD Handle, Mini Ratchet and MicroBits In Metal Storage Box

5/5 Stars Based on 12 Reviews

Our favorite review on this tool:

Awesome Micro Bit Set (years of use)

I have had this set for years now. It has been super helpful. The pentalobe bits are a particular find. The metal box is sturdy which is nice because I am on the road more than half the year. One thing they don’t show that mine came with is an inventory sheet with part numbers. Often time when you purchase a kist like this you need to buy the entire kit to get individual bits down the road. With this kit it looks like you can purchase replacement bits. Which is inline with my other WIha kits I have bought. Again, another awesome Wiha set!

Bart L – USA
26601 Y-Type Y000 Precision Screwdriver

5. Y-Type Y000 Precision Screwdriver

5/5 Stars Based on 9 Reviews

Our favorite review on this tool:

Second-to-none for iPhone repair

As far as I can tell, this is the ONLY high-quality consumer-available tool cut to fit precisely in the tri-wing screw type that Apple uses in iPhone models since the iPhone 7. I’ve purchased other brands that have failed quickly due to low-quality materials and poor machining. At this point, in light of the fact that mobile devices are often nearly as expensive as a mortgage payment, Wiha is the only brand I trust.

Bryan S. – USA

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