The Professional Guide to Getting the Most Out of Wiha

Whether you’re a seasoned Wiha Tool pro or you’re thinking about adding some to your collection, here’s your professional Wiha Tool Guide to getting the most out of your Wiha Experience.

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Wiha No Hassle Guarantee

The Wiha No Hassle Guarantee states that if you’re not happy with your purchase for up to 12 months, we’ll replace it. Here’s the link to the policy. Contact our Customer Service team and they’ll be happy to help! Call 800-494-6104 or email

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Tools Outlet

For the tools that are being discontinued and we have excess stock of we sell them at a steep discount! These are great tools that are no longer in production but still need a home. You can visit the outlet store by visiting

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Wiha On Amazon

Wiha Tools are also on Amazon! This is great option if you need Wiha Tools on the double with the Prime shipping option. Browse Wiha Tools on Amazon here:

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Tool Club Facebook Page

New to 2019, we’ve launched a Facebook page where Wiha Tool Fan’s can share their love for tools, tips, tricks, and score insider information like discount codes and deals with each other! Request access to the group here:

Customer Service Team

We have a fantastic customer service team behind the scenes of Wiha. If you have something as simple as a question about a tool or as complicated as a shipping problem, we’re here to work with you and for you if need be! Give them a call at 800-494-6104 or send an email to for help with everything Wiha Tools.

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Wiha Tool Guides

There is a selection of tool guides on out website that can help you with selecting the proper torque handle and blades to helping convert torque from Newton Pounds to Inch Pounds and more. Find these gems here:

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Download the Catalogs

If you want to lay your eyes on every tool we offer, we have free digital downloads of our catalogs and you can also add physical catalogs to your order for free or pay for shipping for just the stack.
Fun fact: we print our catalogs and product cards in house still! It’s a massive printer that does serious work! Download the catalogs or add the catalogs to your next order:

Sign-up for our emails

Our emails contain new items, sales, coupon codes and more! Signing up for these will be one of your favorite emails to receive – we promise!

Wiha Tool Blog

If you’re reading this, then you have successfully found the Wiha Tool Blog. Here we post tool news, reviews, guides, press releases, and more!

Wiha Tools Germany

Stay up to date with all things Wiha Germany as well! Find their website at as well as their Instagram and Facebook Page

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