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Terminator Bits That Will Have You Coming Back For More

Terminator Bit Rendering

Wiha Terminator Impact Bits are our longest lasting bits. Also known as MaxxTor bits, these are created to withstand the high torque that is produced by modern impact drivers.

The secret is in the bi-material torsion zone. This allows for maximum flex when exposed to the high torque produced by impact environments. The material make-up of the bits in conjunction with our proprietary heat-treatment process, increases the lifetime by 30% more than a standard Wiha Bit.

Wiha Terminator Bits are available in 1″ Insert Bits and 2″ Power Bits. Both variations fit into a standard 1/4″ chuck or bit holder.

Bits in the Quantity you Need

Terminator bits are available in 2 packs for those who are just starting out with Wiha bits. 250 packs in insert and power are great for large projects and stocking up for your team.

Shop 2 Packs, 10 Packs, 25 Packs and 250 Packs.

Find a variety of bits in the BitFlips and Bit Buddy Sets.

BitFlip Packs from Wiha Tools
Bit Buddy Terminator Set from Wiha Tools
Terminator Impact Insert Bit Buddy Phillips/Square/Torx® 8 Piece Set Comes with Phillips #2, #3 Square #2, 3, Torx T20, T25, T30
Terminator bits in 25 Packs from Wiha Tools

Need help finding what bits you need? Utilize the Wiha Bit Finder to find exactly the bits you’ve been looking for.

Shop the complete Wiha Tools Bits Offering at and

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