Review of 8″ Super BiCut High Leverage Cutters by David Altman

Wiha is turning out some great designs and functionality in their line of tools. I was super excited about running these High leverage cutters through their paces. I have been using them on and off for the last 3 1/2 months. These cutters have the functionality of a normal set of side cutters, but at […]

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A Detailed Look at the Pliers Wrench and Auto Pliers

Review of Wiha’s New Soft Grip Combo pack with Pliers Wrench and Auto Pliers by David Altman Soft Grip Combo Pack With Wrench & Auto Pliers, 2 Piece SetPliers Wrench 10.5″/267mm OAL. Adjustable jaws – 1-3/4″ round / 46mm HexAuto Pliers 10.0″/250mm OAL. Adjustable jaws 2.0″ round / 50mm Hex. I have used tools every day of […]