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Updated ESD Safe Program: PicoFinish at Last

The latest addition to our premium tool line-up is PicoFinish ESD Safe Screwdrivers. We’ve taken the static dissapative properties and combined them in the PicoFinish rotating cap design. This allows for maximum maneuverability and precision fastening. Then we upgraded the handles on our ESD Safe precision pliers and over molded the logo so that it […]

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The Difference: Precision vs. PicoFinish from Wiha Tools

As the inventor of the modern day precision screwdriver, we pride ourselves on offering you the best of the best. The 2 styles available are similar in design and features, but it comes down to preference in your hand. We’re breaking down Precision vs PicoFinish. Precision Rotating Cap The red cap on our precision drivers […]

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An Apple a Day: Wiha Tools + Apple®

As the inventors of the modern day precision screwdriver, it only makes sense that Wiha has been step for step, or more so iPhone for iPhone, with Apple®. Since the beginning, we’ve provided the tools needed to open and repair Apple and Non-apple tech devices alike. Our Precision Screwdrivers come in a variety of styles, […]

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Custom Precision Screwdriver Holder

There’s nothing better than seeing Wiha screwdriver owners making their own storage solutions.  Thanks @miserygore for sharing this on Instagram.  Great use of simple parts to create a completely unique screwdriver holder. When you need a tool holder! #doityourself __________________________ #project #tools #wiha #washers #diy #free #useyourmind #creative #becreative #miserygore A post shared by Aaron (@miserygore) […]