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ROUND 2: BIG DEAL April-June

The second BIG DEAL of 2021 brings you savings on our Wiha favorite SoftFinish Screwdrivers. Pick up foam tray sets and fill your empty drawers with the ultimate tool storage solution or the 5 Piece Insulated screwdriver set that every electrician and tradesperson needs on their tool belt. 10 Piece Extra Heavy Duty SoftFinish┬« Cushion […]


The Finest Instrument Drivers We Use- Wiha Tools PicoFinish Insulated Drivers

Guest Writer: Chris Davis of Lower 48 Instruments Our technicians turn dozens of delicate terminations on instrumentation and controls on a daily basis.  It becomes incredibly important that we are able to exercise fine level control on these terminations as too much will leave us with an expensive repair, not enough will cause signal failure […]

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New Insulated Electrician Sets – The Breakdown

In an effort to expand our insulated tool offering to match the needs of today’s electricians, we’ve added three new electricians sets with the high quality tools electricians need. Wiha Tools’ Insulated Electrician’s tool sets provide a wide variety of tools whether you are just starting out or are 20 years into your career. Forget […]