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Wiha Tools Partnering with SixSpeed and Signify Studios For Product Line Launch

Wiha Tools is excited to join forces with two outstanding creative agencies to ensure the success of the launch of a new range of hand tools including the 11inOne Multi-Driver, 6inOne Multi-Driver, and Conduit Reamer. Wiha partnered with SixSpeed and Signify Studios to communicate the quality and value that the Trusted Companion Multi-Driver Line delivers. […]

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Wiha Tools USA Wins a 2020 Pro Tool Innovation Award

MONTICELLO, MN – 10/7/2020        This week Wiha Tools USA received a Pro Tool Innovation Award for the 11-Piece Insulated TorqueControl SlimLine Set. Judging for the 8th annual PTIA Awards wrapped up as a diverse panel of judges made up of contractors, construction business owners, tradesmen, and media professionals came together to vote on the most […]


Wiha Tools and Veto Pro Pac Limited Edition Pac Sells Out in Under 2 Hours

MONTICELLO, MN – 8/7/2020          Wiha Tools is excited to announce and recount the success of the recent collaboration with Veto Pro Pac. Upon launching a collaboration consisting of a Veto Pro Pac Tech Pac filled with a 50-piece assortment of Wiha Tools on Wiha’s websites, it sold out in under 2 hours. See the product […]

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Wiha Tools Expands Online Tool Presence to Home Depot’s Website

MONTICELLO, MN – 5/19/20 Willi Hahn Corporation USA dba Wiha Tools is excited to announce the listing of Wiha Tools on Those who browse will now be able to find and purchase over 20 Wiha Tools products from the site and have them shipped to the store for pick-up or directly to their […]

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It’s a….? Nut Drivers vs. Nut Setters

What is the difference between a nut driver and a nut setter? When using a hex head screw, you have the option of using a nut driver or a nut setter to drive the screw. Although the tools sound similar, there is a difference between the two. Determining the difference between the commonly interchangeable terms […]

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Top 5 Characteristics of High Quality Hand Tools

Confidence in Purchase Quality hand tools are great to have, but with quality, typically come to a greater cost up front. Tools are an investment. Shouldn’t we invest our money in quality tools? Isn’t it true that generic knockoffs leave us exposed to delay in completing a task, unnecessary hazards, injury, and frustration? Investing in […]