Review of 8″ Super BiCut High Leverage Cutters by David Altman

Wiha is turning out some great designs and functionality in their line of tools. I was super excited about running these High leverage cutters through their paces. I have been using them on and off for the last 3 1/2 months.

These cutters have the functionality of a normal set of side cutters, but at the click of a button add the ability to cut some much harder material. And at a much better price than the competition.

There are several descriptions out there for the Wiha BiCut Diagonal cutters:
“Industrial SoftGrip BiCut SuperCut compound 8” Cutter”
“Wiha 8” Super BiCut high leverage Cutter”
“Wiha 8” Diagonal side cutters”
Regardless of how they are titled until you put these High Leverage Cutters in your hand and start using them, you will then start to understand how powerful a Diagonal Cutter Wiha has manufactured.

I am impressed by these High Leverage Wiha Cutters. I use tools every day of my life.

This is not your average Diagonal Cutter. Wiha designed a button in the body of the Cutter to change the setting to increase the amount of leverage that can be applied to various applications. The cutter blades are nice and sharp.

I have read many reviews on this button. Some like it and some say it gets stuck in between modes. I really have never had that problem. I have used the Wiha high leveraged cutter in all kinds of various applications. Please see attached photo’s.


I have carried it in my back pocket, in a tool bag, and found a holster to carry it on my belt. I do recommend finding the right holster. This leads me to the handle.

I have no complaints about the Soft Grip Handle. When you make hundreds of cuts a day with a Diagonal cutter, you want a handle that fits comfortably in your hand. I really do not find the “choil” too big. The choil is the indentation on a handle of various tools and knives when the index finger or other parts of the handle are placed to give one leverage.  

Ergonomics is the science of refining the design of products to optimize them for human use. Not too long ago, tools users were using tools where the handles were dipped in Plasti-Dip©. This is not a bad product for certain uses, but for ergonomic handles, I do not recommend it. The force has to be displaced somehow and if you have a tool where the handles are cushioned by a thin material, most of the force will penetrate into the hand.

Wiha has designed an excellent soft grip handle that will absorb the shock force when cutting.

The quality and craftsmanship of these cutters are nothing but superb. And the price when you can find them on sale makes it a wonderful purchase. Even if you can’t find them on sale, these Wiha High leverage Cutters are worth the price. Buy Here


Wiha 8″ BiCut Super Cut High Leverage Cutters with Power Button Ergo Soft Handle

Switch from wire to chain (up to 4mm diameter!) at the press of a button

Power button doubles cutting force – makes tough cuts easy

BiCut Super Cut High Leverage Cutter

Increase cutting power By 100% at the press of a button

64 HRC induction-hardened edges

Overall length: 200mm (8″)

Wiha Exclusive C70 Tool Steel

Country of Origin: Packing Wiha USA, Forgings by Wiha Vietnam, Designed to DIN/ISO by Wiha Germany

Double the Power at the press of a Button

BiCut does the job of two cutters

Up to 50% less hand strength required in power mode

High Quality forged C70 Tool Steel

Induction Hardened Cutting Edges

Textured Soft Comfort Molded Grips

Cuts a wide range of materials from copper to extremely hard piano wire

Including nails, screws, bolts, hardened wire, cables, spring steel, chain, etc.

Professional Quality Made By Wiha

Weight (lbs)0.7800
Grip TypeIndustrial Soft Grip
Pliers TypeDiagonal
RoHS CompliantYes
Overall Length8″
Jaw Length.90″
Jaw Thickness.54″
Jaw Width1.16″

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