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Insulated Electrical Tool Sets to Charge Up Your Work

Insulated Sets

First of all, we pride ourselves on having an extensive selection of Insulated VDE, 1000 volt rated tools and being a recognized industry leader. We provide the electrical industry with high quality and professional grade tools. Our insulated sets are designed with electricians in mind and the work that’s completed when on the job. We’re breaking down our Electrical Insulated Sets to help you find which is right for you.

Insulated Hand Tools Breakdown

Complete Insulated Tool Sets for Electricians

Calling all Master Electricians! These sets are for you. They include an extensive range of insulated screwdriver sizes, insulated pliers/cutters, and travel cases for transporting tools.

Insulated Apprentice Electrical Tool Kits

Even the best electricians started somewhere. Our Apprentice insulated sets get you off on the right foot and cover some basics including screwdrivers and pliers. These also make a great condensed version of essentials needed for a smaller scale job. 

Insulated Canvas Tool Bag Sets

Aside from coming with our Heavy Duty Canvas Bag to lug around your tools, these sets provide you with the opportunities to purchase and carry more tools. In the tool bag sets you’ll most likely find insulated drivers, pliers, and cutters as well as room for other insulated Wiha Tools.

Insulated Tool Carrying Case Sets

Carrying Case Sets are great for a carrying a smaller profile tool storage. For a quick house call to fitting one last set into the bag, our cases will allow you safe and compact transportation.

Starter Insulated Tool Sets

Not only are the basics great for those who are starting out, but also for those who want a quick refresh of the tool bag. Replace some of your favorites while providing your work with an upgrade in quality.

Insulated Pliers and Screwdriver Sets

Find what you need all wrapped up into one. Available in a variety of sizes, combinations, and carrying vessels.

Need more pliers and driver centric sets? Shop tool specific combinations sets that have already been put together for you.

Insulated Tool Roll Out Pouch Sets

Rolling out one of our roll up sets offers a large variety of tools as well as  a flexible storage solution. Use these as an opportunity to create like-tool pouches and increase your organization.

Tray Sets

Fill your tool box drawers and pack-outs with these storage conscious Insulated Tool Tray Sets. Most importantly, keep your tools organized and highly visible with the molded cavities made especially for your Wiha Tools.

Belt Pack Pouch Sets

Utilize both hands and work with your Insulated Wiha Tools on your hip. These powerful tool combos are sure to work just as hard as you do even when on your belt.

Work Station Sets

The ultimate work bench adornment. For all of your insulated driver needs.

Insulated Tools

Insulated Drivers Workstation 30 Piece Set

Insulated Precision Pico Driver Sets

For the small and delicate projects at hand, utilize Wiha’s Insulated Tweeker sets. These are great when working in electrical boxes and counsils. Find them in 5 and 8 piece sets.

Insulated Sets
Insulated Slotted/Phillips 8 Piece Set

Insulated Slotted/Phillips 5 Piece Set

Narrow Blade Insulated Screwdriver Sets

Wiha’s SlimLine blade system provides a driver solution that is 33% slimmer over the standard driver. This has been proven excellent in tight conditions in electrical boxes and for overall increased clearance when working in less than optimal locations.

Complete Mastery Sets

Whether you’re looking for a quick refresh on your insulated tools, or looking to complete all your electrician tool needs, our Insulated Electrician Tool Sets work for you.

Protecting What Matters Most – You

Insulated Sets

Our Insulated VDE, 1000 volt rated tools have been tested to 10,000 volts and are 1000 volt rated. All of our insulated tools meet OSHA, NFPA, and IEEE regulations.

After reading all of this and you still haven’t found an insulated tool for you find the complete offering of Wiha Insulated tools at &

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