February Contest Recap – The Good, The Bad, and The Cheesy

tool poems

For the month of February, we asked you to profess your love of tools in the form of the poem. In return, we selected one poem at random to win a ‘bouquet’ of screwdrivers. The turnout was amazing. We had over 100 entries of tool poems that were beyond our expectations. Please enjoy these poems and thank you to all who submitted!

The Tool Poems

You may be imperial
You may be metric
Regardless of your
I still love you
There once was a lady
Who needed tools daily.
I use my tools as part of my trade, and I like to buy new ones
whenever I get paid,
it sure would be nice to get some for free,
so when you pick the winners
make one of them me
I am a fanatic for tools
All day over them I drool
When given the chance I’ll even dance
Or rhyme to grab a few more
Being an electrician is cool
Especially when you receive
some new tools I work all day
long But my money seems to be gone Not entering would make me a fool I decided to purchase the speede Which was more of a want than a need’e’ nFelt good in the hand My love for wiha expands Winning this contest would be a treatie! 
My Wiha is red,
My Wiha is yellow,
When it comes to tools,
It’s Wiha for this fellow!
There once was a tool brand named Wiha,
who’s tools helped me once build a seesaw.
Now it should not seem odd,
that I’d give such a nod,
to a company who I know of no equal.
Some tools are worth money,
some tools are just trash.
Some tools work wonders,
a lot should stay in a bag.
When I stock my veto
yessir it’s a handy little pac.
With a brand new set of Wiha’sI’d be ready for this task.
(A haiku) Wiha Screwdrivers
So many handle styles
Feeds my OCD
Wiha Tools How do I love thee
let me count the ways.
Philips,slotted insulated and non insulated.
Big and small I love to work with Wiha tools one and all.
To the job site, to the home 
Could you imagine,
If they had Wiha when they built Rome
Perhaps it could be built in a day, 
The workers would be amazed
And would agree there no other way
In this world of Chinese red handled phony’s
My Wiha’s keep me from getting lonely
Their tips are so nice,
Their torque handles so precise,That no other tool company is suffice.
Wiha I want our love to be like the sea,
that has a beginning but never an end…
I’m a handy plumber, I fix things for fools But I couldn’t do it Without Wiha Tools
First came Craftsman, then came SK, then came Wiha in my Christmas present. The end.
Wiha the world Wiha the children 
Wiha the ones who make a brighter day,
so let’s start giving
Wiha tools aren’t cheesy 
They make buying real easy
Some people think I’m lame
But when they see my tools they’ll want the same
The price of my tools may be ugly
But I will always think they’re lovely
Roses are red,
violets are blue,
this Valentines will be the best if I win a bouquet of tools from you!!
Wiha is red and also has some yellow 
pick me for the drawing  because I’m the deserving fellow
my love for Wiha tools is like a drug !
just the proper dosage
I need a new set as a young apprentice
I do not have any that are rated for the voltage !
One day I had stumbled upon a Wiha, so I shouted yeehaw! 
So pleasea! Send me more Wiha!
We are the makers of beauty
The dreamers, the fools
Wiha the makers,
Creators of tools
Tools can be red
Tools may be blue
Wiha makes the best
That is always true!
My tools are red
My tools are yellow
They make me my bread
A hard working young fellow
Loves my Wiha Makes me scream YEE-HAW!
We have need of quality tools
We have all searched like fools We have tried the cheap
We have tried the used
We have finally found Wiha tools
Wiha, oh Wiha Your curves are devine
And the way you pop is sublime My screwdriver collection will be incomplete
Until you are mine
B phase is red,
C phase is blue,
Don’t worry black, I didn’t forget about you.
Bond your grounds, tighten your screws,
and always calculate how many neutrals to use.
I was incapable and you assisted me,
I was hurt and you relieved me, when I couldn’t hang on you wouldn’t let go, I was broken and you fixed me,
One screw at a time
Your Insulation protects me, it’s True! Wiha Insulated Screwdrivers know what to do 
And now that you have a Slimline, I can access small spaces,
Forever be mine!
If you always try your best
Then you’ll never have to wonder
About what you could have done If you’d summoned all your thunder
And if your best
Was not as good
It’s probably because
You were not using Wiha tools you schmuck
You may like to hear Wiha
But what I say when I win WIHAAAAAAAA!!!
The screw must be driven
None other for hire
Perfectly simple
My Wiha screwdriver Together for years Undoing is dire
Counter clockwise twist
My Wiha screwdriver Love deep in my heart
A bond forged with fire
Always and forever
My Wiha screwdriver
Like a screw,
without Wiha
you too would be screwed.
No Wiha? I’m lost, I damn it to hell, the cost,
Give me a raise, boss. -a haiku
I use them for my profession
And I have a small confession addicted to German tools
They’re quality and really cool
I use them on a daily basis I put them through there paces
There’s a sense of joy
Its like a kid getting a new toy
I miss you.
I thought I could handle you. 
But you slipped through my fingers
I miss your gentle touch, your soft finish
Now all of my screws are loose and No one can turn them like you did.
I flew on your wings once
And falling, you wrapped me in your flag. You had all the keys to me, and opened me up every way.
Now the cold wind pours through every window and door left ajar
You fit me just right, and turned me around.
When lightning struck, you protected me
Sheltered from the storm, As long as I held you tight. Now all I have left is bits of you I am worn out and stripped out by cheap imitations.
They can never replace you. Will you ever come back to me?
I would do it all again just to feel your faces  Pressed into my corners.
Rose’s are red,
violets are blue, 
love Wiha tools,
and so does my crew
We love our tools more then our wives, they make us lots of money to buy things nice. Touch my tools, you might lose your life, with out tools we lose our wife.
This poem is written for my tools, they chop they grind they even wind, they make noise and sawdust yet develop no rust, they work hard all day but to them it’s just play and the sun goes away another day done I look forward to tomorrow so we can have some more fun!
Day in and day out,  from site to site, my ‘Wiha’ screwdrivers,
make everything right
We’ve never met, but I’ve been eyeing you. I like your bit set, so come join my crew.
Wiha tools – a craftsman’s dream, Just put them to the test!
They make my work feel effortless, They truly are the BEST!
Tools are lots of different color,
Good tools are certain colors,
Only the wise will know,
Which colors to pick.
Bits of star and bits of flat, Pliers of grip and others that crimp, Keys of Hex and some of Torx, They go in pouches and come in sets, Wiha oh Wiha you are simply the best
I know I won’t win, but I’ll give it a try I’d love the free tools cause I can’t afford to buy. Ratchets , sockets , screw drivers and more I need some new tools but I’m banned from the store.  So if you pick me you won’t regret it 
I’ll put them to use more than a drill bit
When I need a good screw I think of you…my Wiha Ultra Driver.
Wiha Wiha on the wall
Who has the best tools of them all?
Roses are red and violets are blue, your Wiha is badass and so are you
I’ve never owned a Wiha tool, 
but I’ve only seen pictures that make me drool. 
It’s my dream to fill my bag, With endless tools to get jobs done fast.  And if not fast I can take my time,  To get the job done right with my tools standing by.
Your screwdrivers are red, yellow & black too,
But none of that matters,
as it’s quality that made me choose
With a drawer full of Wiha Tools My heart ticks and beats and booms
Come what may
If it should breach I have everything I need
At my hands reach.
Most tools are good
Wiha tools are great
You better bring me a coffee
If you show up to my job site late!
If  it is not insulated it is like we never dated Underrated, to say the least, determinated, How could I love something that was blue and red,  To me those colors combined are dead, to be more mellow if rather have red and yellow.
Wiha Oh Wiha how I can count the ways, you’ve saved my butt on jobs way tough, with all of your tools that saved my days.
Roses are red 
violets are blue
Wiha tool are the best
The heck with the rest
I love tools so much
They are always there for you
To finish the job
To me all my tools Are worth more than jewels
Of course I choose Wiha
You get the idea? Only the best Will do
So much in love With Wiha tools Use another brand And look like a fool!
I use my tools to make money
To some that might seem funny
A sparky I am
The skills feed my fam
Free tools would be sweeter than honey
Some Wiha tools are Red
Some Wiha tools are Blue
Some are shiny and chrome
Can I win those too?
T handle hex’s and Torx that true fit, Wrenches that ratchet, Screwdriver’s that grip, Tutonic craftsman from ‘cross the sea’s, Making the tools that find my hands pleased.
I’m short on cash, but I am really interested in your tools.
Roses are red Sockets are shiny When I buy new tools Why do you get so whiny
120 or 277 My insulated Wiha’s help keep me from heave
With a grip so comfortable
It’s no wonder as to my hands are always so capable Wiha has proven to best among the best
With Wiha’s in my collection, my mind is always at rest.
My heart longs for the handle to be in my hand To use the wrist as fast as I can Carrying just two isn’t enough I will spend all my money on Wiha stuff. My heart would skip a beat or seven If I knew that there was Wiha tools in heaven.
Violets are blue and just won’t do.
Rose’s are red and I would rather be dead.
Wiha tools I need instead.
So, if I win the giveaway I’ll put more tools in my shed!
Somewhere in the distance, A hammer beats a wardrum’s tune. Nails that stand against it, Sink into their wooden doom. A high pitched whirring song Echoes ‘cross the site. As my drill sings a melody,  Wiha bit spinning endlessly, Reliable through the night. My belt glimmers with silver, Much like a pirate’s chest. Yet, my tools are so much better, For they can build this deck. My peer asks for some pliers, My heart wrenches in my chest. But if anything could survive him, Wiha would be my bet. So I hand my treasure over, and in ten minutes get it back, For it seems my that wiha had survived his destructive knack. So I praise the Lord above, And the blessed company. For I forever feel protected, With their No-Hassle Guarantee. The woodwork now all done, I started plugs and lights. With my insulated tool set, I worked fast enough for flight. Red and yellow wrench in one hand, Screwdriver in another. I wired outlets, lights, and switches Faster thao other. When the sun shone over the mountains, Dawn rays shining through clouds above. The deck had been completed. Built by hardware and love. I stood back and admired, The deck in radiant morning light. My team all standing with me, And my tools all by my side. I packed and headed home, My job at long last done. Now I’ll head to town tomorrow, And build another one.
Wiha love to use your tools.
They are so big and strong.
They never fail, they’re never wrong.
If Wiha could have some more we’d feel like we belong.
You make us grow and be our best. Wiha really thank-you for all you do and hope it shows with this here song.
To Wiha or not to Wiha!!
I’m sure will be the best
I can be with a Wiha bouquet
Red an yellow,
flat or Philips
they do the work other cant
Let them be bare or insulated,
I will never take my Wiha’s for granted.
My haiku –
This screw is too stripped,
Go get my ultra driver,
I love my Wiha
Roses are red,
violets are blue,
y’all need some WIHA!
Aint’ that the truth!
Throughout the whole year,
Wiha tools do appear,
To be bringing great cheer,
To all of my peers,
So as I sit here,
It becomes very clear,
Wiha and I,
Should become near and dear.
I love my screwdrivers,
I love my wrenches,
I want all the wiha tools,
To fill all my benches, 
My insulated pliers,
My precision pico driver,
All help to assemble,
Like the well known MacGyver.
This valentines day i wont be a ghoul
because ill have a new tool.
The screw driver set that i will get will make others get a cold sweat.
So thanks Wiha tools for these new jewels.

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