Wiha Tools Welcomes Paul Schroer, Warehouse Operations Manager

Wiha Tools announces the appointment of Paul Schroer as Warehouse Operations Manager. Paul replaces Julie Allen who will be retiring at the end of the year. Schroer is no stranger to the distribution business as he has spent most of his 20 + year career with the Fingerhut Corporation and Bluestem Brands. He is a seasoned leader with expertise in process improvement and warehouse management systems.

“It’s a privilege to welcome Paul to the Wiha team. I am looking forward to working side by side Paul as we shape the business to better handle the complexities of our distribution partners.” said Wiha Tools Managing Director Patrick DiPerno.

Schroer is the latest in a series of new hires that are positioning the company to command a leadership role within the professional tools and solution industry in North, Central and South America. Wiha Tools continues to invest in streamlining and automating operations with both human and capital investments to ensure high service levels and overall cost to quality.

Wiha Welcomes Paul Schroer“I am proud to join a company with such a strong commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and continuous improvement. I have seen this commitment shine brightly through the actions and attitude of the fine group of people that I work with. They have already made me feel I am part of the Wiha family.”

~Paul Schroer


Custom 3d printed Precision Screwdriver Holder

If you have a collection of Wiha Precision Screwdrivers, an interest in 3d printing, and hang tools on a pegboard, then this post is for you.  All thanks to an Instagram post by  carter.gottlieb 

Finished Holder with Wiha Precision Screwdrivers

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MagicRing® Ball End PocketStar Fold Out Inch and Metric 2 Pack

MagicRing® Ball End PocketStar Fold Out—The Multitool that fits in your pocket

The MagicRing® Ball End PocketStar Fold Out offers optimum handling and a wide variety of practical applications. The intelligent opening mechanism facilitates simple selection of key size from the fiberglass-reinforced casing. Wiha offers a solution for users by eliminating inefficient access to key selection.


The various working positions offer a flexibility of use:

  • In the 180° position, the PocketStar is used as a screwdriver.
  • 270° stop limit for using the tool as a practical lever for high torques.
  • Position can be set between 90° and 270° for various applications.

Wiha PocketStar offers many features for convenience and safety

It has an innovative opening mechanism for simple selection of the desired key size.

It’s particularly suitable for use as screwdriver when the blade axis is set at 180° or as practical lever with blade in 270° position

The ergonomic, fiberglass reinforced holder guarantees the easy transfer of even the highest torques • Can be rotated by any angle between 270° and 90° to save time when working on applications where space is tight

It’s set at a 270° stop limit for higher safety puts an end to trapped fingers

It’s also color coded for different drives and dimensional systems which, delivers great clarity when owning several PocketStars.

Plus the covered hex key axes prevents catching on clothes

Among the most durable in the industry

They are made of Wiha special CVM steel, with a corrosion protected vapor chrome finish, and are through-hardened for wear resistance, designed with precision CNC machined and chamfered ends, and the ball ends are outfitted with non-wearing spring steel retaining rings.

As it’s particularly agreeable for handling with the PocketStar’s comfort formed fiberglass reinforced molded ergo grips, you can work confidently knowing that whatever environment you’re working in, your Wiha Tools are made to last for generations.

Hex Metric:
Hex SAE (Inch):

*Standard Ball – No Ring

MagicRing® Ball End PocketStar Fold Out SAE and Metric 2 Pack

Wiha Tools and KC Tool Summer Golf Outing

Wiha and KC Tool golf in Kansas

After a good day of meetings, KC Tool and Wiha Tools had a great evening of “golf” at Top Golf in Overland Park, Kansas. Everyone of these guys is better at selling the highest quality German Tools than they are at golf!

Pictured from left to right Bob Ash (Wiha), Kyle Baccus (KC Tool), Jordan Hacker (KC Tool), Christoph Wernet (Wiha), Patrick DiPerno (Wiha) Derek Tran (KC Tool)

Wiha Ultra Driver

This is how Wiha does multi-bit screwdrivers. Keep an Ultra Driver at hand in your vehicle, range bag, prep-kit, toolbox, or workbench. We’re confident you will be satisfied with just how much room you’ll save.

Easily find the right bit for the job with the pop-up selector that allows you to see both ends of the bits. Slide the locking bit holder to hold the bit and get to work!

Save time, space, and money in the shop—cutting out 90% volume and 85% weight by eliminating 26 conventional tools in your collection and storing all of your most common bits in one package.
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MagicRing® Screw Holding Ball Hex L-Key 22 Piece Set

Put an End to Dropped Screws 






Free from frustration with Wiha’s innovative design—MagicRing® Screw Holding Ball Hex L-Key 22 Piece Set

MagicRing® Screw Holder

If you’ve ever had to install a hex screw into an area where only the hex key and screw could fit then you may have run into the problem—the screw falls out of the key on the way in. This can be a frustrating task if you don’t have the right tool in your kit. 
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Welcome Germany

Wiha Boards of Directors – Germany & USA – Visit US Location and Staff

Wiha Tools USA with German & USA Boards of Directors
Wiha Tools USA with German & USA Boards of Directors

This past week Wiha Tools USA was very excited to welcome the entire German and US Wiha Boards of Directors on location in Monticello, MN to meet and greet each other, and to discuss the future of Wiha Tools in general.
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Hello from all of us at Wiha

Here’s the team working to provide the tools you use every day.

We took a few minutes this morning to get together as a company, show our faces and say hello. Whether they’re managing a company in Germany, shipping out orders from our distribution center, designing and manufacturing new tools, helping you with orders, or shipping out tools, and everywhere in between we’re always here to work for you.

All of us at Wiha would like to thank you for supporting quality tools in the United States in the past and for years to come.