26 Reasons to Love Wiha Tools from A-Z

It doesn’t get more basic than A-Z, here’s Wiha Tools’ breakdown.

Wiha Tools A-ZAwls

Our Wiha Awls are ideal for pre-punching holes and drill holes. Find square and round tips.

BitsWiha Tools A-Z

We precision machine our bits from exclusive chrome-vanadium-molybdenum tool steel to provide an exact fit into fasteners. Organize your screwdriver bits with Wiha’s premium high-quality bits and bit sets. Stock up on standard bits or upgrade to impact ready bits with Wiha’s exclusive steel and precision machined tips for a better fit, less stripped screws, and less broken bits.


Our lineup of Cutters provide you with the ability to cut soft and hard wire. They ensure optimal transmission of hand strength to the cutting edges. These are available in Insulated, Industrial, ESD Safe, and SoftGrip® handles.


Our signature ‘Mint Green’ Magnetizer and Demagnetizer is great for magnetizing then the demagnetization of blades and blade-similar steel tools. Works with items over 1.35″” in length and 1/8″” or 3mm diameter. The mag-demag uses powerful c8 permanent industrial ceramic magnets, no batteries required.

Wiha Tools A-ZESD Safe Tools

Our ESD Safe Tools provide you with professional grade tools manufactured in Germany with Electro Static Discharge protection handles and casings. Shop our wide variety of ESD Safe Tools including ESD Tweezers, ESD Pliers, and ESD Screwdrivers that feature electrostatically dissipative handles. ESD Safe Tools disperse the electrostatic charge into the handle ensuring that sensitive electronic components remain safe and uninterrupted by static discharge.

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We Were Just Getting Warmed Up 🔥 September BIG DEAL

Another BIG DEAL

Following up from last month with our Insulated 7 Piece Screwdriver Sets . We’re back with another BIG DEAL! This month we’ve added a 65 Piece Master Technician ESD Safe Set. Complete with ESD Safe Handle, Mini Ratchet and Microbits in Metal Storage Box.

The set contains 61 microbits, a 72 Tooth Mini Ratchet, ESD Safe Precision handle, and 1/4″ Drive Micro Bit Adapter.

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COMING SOON: Wiha Marketing and Training Center to Wiha Tools USA

coming soon

It’s About to Get Dusty

Walls are down. Flooring is peeled back. The remodel has begun. Coming Soon into the space formerly used as a merchandising center and media booth, is a more formal and updated Marketing and Training Center.  The creation and implementation of the MTC is another way in which we’re providing you with the best tools, customer service, and resources possible.

We’re excited to reveal the final product and begin utilizing the space to it’s maximum potential. Stay tuned for the BIG REVEAL!

During The Teardown

International Internship at Wiha Tools USA 2018

MONTICELLO, MN – 9/5/2018

International Intern

Wiha Tools welcomes their third international intern from headquarters in Schonach, Germany.

Angela Borho, an employee of Wiha Tools Germany, has made the trip to the USA to experience Wiha Tools on an international level. Angela has previous experience in working in Wiha’s commercial department in Schonach and will now get an insight in the Marketing Department of Wiha USA. The program offers the opportunity to presume responsibility of projects such as Social Media analysis, Preparing and scheduling social media content and the support of marketing campaigns.

“Angela has provided us with a fresh perspective to help us drive deeper into our marketing strategy. From day one, she hasn’t hesitated to jump in and ask questions to get a better understanding of our processes. Having Angela to work with has been an honor and a pleasure.” Said Wiha Tools Digital Marketing Coordinator, Lauren Steinbach.

Borho stated “Due to my open-hearted and funny colleagues I get to learn a new culture, a new country and a workday at Wiha USA. Despite of the different languages we have understood each other well from the beginning. I am thankful to say that I will come back home with an interesting, informative and exciting experience in my mind.”

About Willi Hahn Corporation

Willi Hahn Corporation USA dba Wiha Tools is a wholly owned subsidiary of Wiha Werkzeuge Gmbh Schonach Germany Beginning in 1985, Wiha Tools has developed into the largest subsidiary of Wiha Worldwide. Offering over 3000 products from our Monticello, Minnesota based North American Headquarters we service all 50 states, Canada, Mexico, Central and South America.

www.wihatools.com & www.wihatools.ca

About Wiha

Founded in 1939, Wiha has become a leading global manufacturer of hand tools and solutions for professional tradespeople and industrial markets. A host of awards underline that Wiha sets the standard in functionality, design and quality.

As of 2015, Wiha is the first hand tool manufacturer in the world to receive the internationally recognized AGR seal. This recognition confirms the effectiveness and benefits of Wiha’s innovative range of screwdrivers, torque tools, L-keys, bits, soft-head hammers, pliers, measuring tools and articulated hoses. Wiha’s innovative approach offers real added value and user benefits in terms of increased efficiency and functionality in everyday work.

The family owned company was recognized in 2016 as belonging to the TOP 100 most innovative medium-sized companies in Germany, and received the Manufacturing Excellence Award (MX Award) as the best German SME in 2014. Currently, over 900 Wiha employees manufacture and market award winning Wiha premium tools.

Media Contact

Wiha Tools USA

Willi Hahn Corporation

1348 Dundas Circle

Monticello, MN 55362

Media Relations: pr@wihatools.com



For more about Angela’s time in Monticello, MN, read her personal blog post about her time as an international intern here.

Wiha Tools Launches ‘Feet on the Street’ Initiative

MONTICELLO, MN – 8/29/2018

Wiha is proud to announce the expansion of our ‘Feet on the Street’ initiative.

Feet on the StreetThe program is designed to drive business at the branch, dealer and store level. The team now consists of 5 dedicated associates focused on promoting the Wiha brand with partner dealers across the USA and Canada.  

Each associate is responsible for brand development, product education, promotional support and merchandising initiatives within their respective markets.

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5 Reasons your Screwdrivers Are Failing You – Here’s How to Fix It

Wiha Microfinish screwdriversThe Screwdriver is arguably the most commonly known and used tool in the world. Here’s 5 reasons why yours aren’t working for you and how to fix it.

phillips #3 screwdriver tip

1. The tip isn’t holding up

The tips on our screwdrivers are precision machined the to exact tolerances for a perfect fit – every time you use them. We utilize an exclusive chrome-vanadium-molybdenum tool steel to preserve the tip shape and durability for repeated use. We even harden them to a 60 on the Rockwell C scale and then coat them with Hard Chromtop Plating. This provides you with additional unmatched curability for tip and blade integrity.

When the tips on your screwdriver aren’t holding up, chances are it’s taking longer than it should to complete simple tasks and causing you frustration.

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It’s a BIG DEAL! 7 Piece Insulated Screwdriver Set


Big Deal for Insulated Screwdriver

August’s BIG DEAL has been one to shout about. A 7 Piece, VDE & 1,000 Volt rated Insulated Screwdriver Set for $24.99 in the US and $35.99 in Canada is a BIG DEAL if we say so ourselves.

We’re fortunate to have a great group of Instagramers that are willing to share our content and our excitement for the screwdriver set on sale!


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Wiha Tools Welcomes Chris Showalter – Director of Sales – Southeast

MONTICELLO, MN – 8/7/2018

Wiha announces the addition of Chris Showalter as Director of Sales – Southeast, to the Wiha Tools Team. This position plays a key roll in continuing to grow and foster accounts in the South East region of the United States.

“Chris joins our team with a clear focus on driving sales across multiple customers and channels of distribution. He is committed to cultivating long-term customer relationships. Chris has a fantastic mix of independent, professional, and industrial distribution experience.” Said Wiha Tools Vice President of Sales, Larry Short.

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Wiha Tools Gains Membership to the NAED

Membership to the NAED

MONTICELLO, MN – 7/19/2018

Willi Hahn Corporation dba Wiha Tools is excited to announce their Associate Membership into the National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED).

Founded in 1908, the NAED is the largest association of electrical distributors in the US. The NAED helps to provide networking, training, and education to their members as well as the industry. To become a member, applicants must endure a detailed and thorough application process. Continue reading “Wiha Tools Gains Membership to the NAED”