Top 10 Wiha Gifts for Dad – Under $100! 👔🔨🔧

First Fathers Day or 50th Fathers Day, all dads are sure to enjoy the gift of Quality Hand Tools.

Say thanks  with our list of 10 gifts for Dad that are guaranteed to show him he’s #1 in your book! No matter the level of tool enthusiast, we have something to put a smile on his face.

12 piece screwdriver set

1. SoftFinish® Slotted/Phillips Screwdriver 12 Piece Set

The most recognizable tool in the world would be arguably the screwdriver. Graduate Dad’s old set to the Wiha SoftFinish® 12 piece set.

Why Dad needs it: Guaranteed to get the most use out of all tools in the box. No more mismatched or missing screwdrivers.  Plus, it’ll feel nice in everyone’s hand.

2. UltraDriver 26-in-1 Technicians:

This 26 bit in one body screwdriver is the ultimate utility tool. It saves space in the junk drawer, travels well, and did we mention it’s 26 Screwdrivers in 1? Ergonomic Soft Grip handle, and locking bit holder. A complimentary addition to every toolbox.

Why Dad needs it: You know you want to use it when he’s not…

Microfinish Screwdrivers

3. Heavy Duty Screwdriver set  

Wiha’s exclusive MicroFinish® screwdriver handles ensure a firm grip even when dad’s hands are messy. Perfect for working on vehicles. The hex bolsters and steel strike caps make removing even the toughest screws an easy task.

Why dad needs it: To handle the toughest tasks and stubborn screws.

Wiha Wire Strippers

4. Wire Strippers

These Wire Strippers are brand new to Wiha Tools. Let dad be the first to try these bad boys out and make the neighborhood jealous.

Why Dad needs it: Made in the USA with High Carbon Heat Treated Tool Steel, sounds fancy because they are fancy.

Precision screwdrivers with long nose pliers

5. Precision Slotted and Phillips Screwdrivers – 8 Piece Set

Those obnoxiously small screws in glasses, laptops, and clocks are defeated with this set of precision screwdrivers as well as a bonus pair of long nose pliers!

Why Dad needs it: Intricate pieces are able to be assembled or repaired properly with the right size precision screwdriver, 

color coded hex keys gifts for dad

6. Color Coded Inch Ball End Hex Key Set – 13 Piece

When the toilet paper holder starts squeaking again, you’re going to be thankful for these. Color coded ball end hex key set for optimal organization and Chrome Super Tool Steel for longevity.

Why Dad needs it: Hex Keys are always sneaking away, getting lost or breaking. Dad will appreciate the quality, organization, and dependability of Wiha hex keys.


7. ergostar hex keys

ErgoStar Ball End Hex L-Key Inch/Metric 22 Piece Set

Working on the car, bikes, assembling furniture, and opening up who knows what. These long arm hex keys will hold up to the toughest tasks on the job or at home.

Why Dad needs it: New projects, old projects, and not finished or started projects all could use a quality set of hex keys.

1-4 rachet and bits

8. 1/4″ Ratchet and Bits 35 Piece Set

Our 35 Piece Ratcheting set is one of our best sellers for a reason. From cleaning the air conditioner to tightening fasteners around shop, having the right bits at the ready around the house will prove it’s value time and time again.

Why Dad needs it: A quality ratcheting set is a must have around the house. Providing ease of use and high quality products is what we do. Help make everyone’s life easier. And it comes in a compact metal box.

Insulated Set

9. Insulated Pliers/Cutters/Volt Detector 3 Piece Set

Keep Dad safe when he is working near electricity with our versatile 3 Piece Kit! Pliers, Cutters, and Voltage Detector all wrapped up into one kit.

Why Dad needs it: Our insulated tools are tested to 10,000 volts and 1000 volt rated ensuring a job done well and safely.

gifts for dad

10. Wiha Apparel – Hat, Bottle Opener, Shirt, Pullover

For the the Wiha Fan who maybe prefers to pick out their own tools, let them rep the brand even when not in the work shop or on the job

Why Dad needs it: Dad wants to rep a German Hand Tool company with over 70 years of industry mastery, trust us. 


All of Wiha’s tools come with a our No Hassle Guarantee. If there’s something wrong with the tool you receive, we’ll replace it or repair it.

Still not sure what to get Dad? Find our page of best sellers to browse.


Happy Father’s Day from Wiha Tools.

Now Introducing: Wiha Wire Strippers

Wiha Wire Strippers

On May 17th we released 6 models of Wire Strippers. These are the first Wiha Tools to be made in the USA of High Carbon Heat Treated Tool Steel.

Building the Excitement

Wire Strippers vote

From May 1st to May 15th, we hosted a poll to determine which model of wire stripper we would offer a discount code for on top of the sale price. By a 17 vote lead, our #57810 Wire Stripper Pliers 7.25 was the winner! We’re offering a 20% off discount with code “wirestrippersrelease2018” to receive the discount until Friday 5/18/18.


We selected a few Wiha Tool Testers to try out our Wire Strippers and see their initial reactions.

We’re ecstatic to see these showing up on Instagram, YouTube, job sites, and tool bags.


In order to ensure you have the best viewing possible of the tools, we made 360 videos.

57810 Wire Stripper


57812 Wire Stripper


57814 Wire Stripper


57816 Wire Stripper


57818 Wire Stripper


57820 Wire Stripper



To provide a complete overview of the newest additions, we created a YouTube video.

Release Day!

Get your hands on your own set of Wiha Wire Strippers at and for Canada

Wiha Tools Welcomes Lauren Steinbach – Digital Marketing Coordinator

Laurne Steinbach photo as new Wiha Tools Digital marketing coordinatorWiha Tools announces the appointment of Lauren Steinbach as the new Digital Marketing Coordinator. This new position is newly created for the American Business Group and has been designed to improve Wiha’s social media presence. Lauren has previous experience managing digital marketing accounts for PenRad Technologies, Inc and Hamline University.

“Lauren brings a unique skillset and new ideas to our digital marketing efforts. She will be critical to amplifying and coordinating our marketing strategies.  She will create conversations with our customers on social media, grow the Wiha Tool Club, and empower Wiha tool owners to share their experience and passion for our tools.” Said E-Commerce Manager, Andrew Sherrard.

Steinbach stated “I am very excited about this position and the growth that it offers professionally. Wiha has such an engaged and large audience due to the emphasis on high quality premium tools. I am eager to help in various ways to foster and increase our following in the digital world.”

Lauren is an example of Wiha’s commitment to investing in both social media and top-notch talent. To ensure the growth of the organization and the brand.


#wihabreakfast Review

Asking our followers to post a photo of their breakfast with #wihabreakfast and with their tools might not be the most conventional way to engage them.

#wihabreakfast was born after seeing that breakfast seemed to make a common appearance; shout out to Sparky Channel for having breakfast as your YouTube Cover channel and Tool Boss for having a Wakie Wakie Eggs and Bacie Video   After seeing this, we decided that #wihabreakfast needed to be launched.

#wihabreakfast  details

Our promotion ran from April 16th-20th on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. We received 17 entries , 361 votes, and over 1,000 visits to the Gallery page.

1st Place image:  81 Votes

2nd Place Image: 72 Votes

3rd Place Image: 58 Votes

Although it was a very unconventional giveaway, we enjoyed having a sneak peak into how you start your day. Congrats to our 3 winners once again and thank you to all who make fun giveaway’s like this possible.

Looking forward to more next month

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Review of 8″ Super BiCut High Leverage Cutters by David Altman

I have to say, Wiha is turning out some great designs and functionality in their line of tools. I was super excited about running these High leverage cutters through their paces. I have been using them on and off for the last 3 1/2 months.

These cutters have the functionality of a normal set of side cutters, but at the click of a button add the ability to cut some much harder material. And at a much better price than the competition.

There are several descriptions out there for the Wiha BiCut Diagonal cutters:
“Industrial SoftGrip BiCut SuperCut compound 8” Cutter”
“Wiha 8” Super BiCut high leverage Cutter”
“Wiha 8” Diagonal side cutters”
Regardless of how they are titled until you put these High Leverage Cutters in your hand and start using them, you will then start to understand how powerful a Diagonal Cutter Wiha has manufactured.

I am impressed by these High Leverage Wiha Cutters. I use tools every day of my life.

This is not your average Diagonal Cutter. Wiha designed a button in the body of the Cutter to change the setting to increase the amount of leverage that can be applied to various applications. The cutter blades are nice and sharp.

I have read many reviews on this button. Some like it and some say it gets stuck in between modes. I really have never had that problem. I have used the Wiha high leveraged cutter in all kinds of various applications. Please see attached photo’s.

I have carried it in my back pocket, in a tool bag, and found a holster to carry it on my belt. I do recommend finding the right holster. This leads me to the handle.

I have no complaints about the Soft Grip Handle. When you make hundreds of cuts a day with a Diagonal cutter, you want a handle that fits comfortably in your hand. I really do not find the “choil” too big. The choil is the indentation on a handle of various tools and knives when the index finger or other parts of the handle are placed to give one leverage.  

Ergonomics is the science of refining the design of products to optimize them for human use. Not too long ago, tools users were using tools where the handles were dipped in Plasti-Dip©. This is not a bad product for certain uses, but for ergonomic handles, I do not recommend it. The force has to be displaced somehow and if you have a tool where the handles are cushioned by a thin material, most of the force will penetrate into the hand.

Wiha has designed an excellent soft grip handle that will absorb the shock force when cutting.

The quality and craftsmanship of these cutters are nothing but superb. And the price when you can find them on sale makes it a wonderful purchase. Even if you can’t find them on sale, these Wiha High leverage Cutters are worth the price. Buy Here


Wiha 8″ BiCut Super Cut High Leverage Cutters with Power Button Ergo Soft Handle

Switch from wire to chain (up to 4mm diameter!) at the press of a button

Power button doubles cutting force – makes tough cuts easy

BiCut Super Cut High Leverage Cutter

Increase cutting power By 100% at the press of a button

64 HRC induction-hardened edges

Overall length: 200mm (8″)

Wiha Exclusive C70 Tool Steel

Country of Origin: Packing Wiha USA, Forgings by Wiha Vietnam, Designed to DIN/ISO by Wiha Germany

Double the Power at the press of a Button

BiCut does the job of two cutters

Up to 50% less hand strength required in power mode

High Quality forged C70 Tool Steel

Induction Hardened Cutting Edges

Textured Soft Comfort Molded Grips

Cuts a wide range of materials from copper to extremely hard piano wire

Including nails, screws, bolts, hardened wire, cables, spring steel, chain, etc.

Professional Quality Made By Wiha

SKU 30936
Weight (lbs) 0.7800
Grip Type Industrial Soft Grip
Pliers Type Diagonal
RoHS Compliant Yes
Overall Length 8″
Jaw Length .90″
Jaw Thickness .54″
Jaw Width 1.16″

These are going fast; The BIG DEAL! 👀

If you haven’t already heard, Wiha Tools is excited to announce the launch of the BIG DEAL! We’re offering one time, exclusive pricing on select products that’ll have you shouting, “THIS IS A BIG DEAL!”.

Find the complete listing of BIG DEAL tools at

Act quickly, these deals only run while supplies last!

Soft Grip Combo Pack available for $44.99

Soft Grip Pliers Wrench is available for $29.99

Soft Grip 8.0″ BiCut SuperCut is available for $19.99

Soft Grip 10.0″ Auto Grip Pliers available for $19.99

International Hardware fair in Cologne Germany Recap

The Wiha Tools sales team traveled to the Black Forest in Germany to visit Wiha’s headquarters in Schonach im Schwarzwald and prepare for their visit to the EISENWARENMESSE  – the International Hardware Fair Cologne.

Wiha Factory Tours

The team at Atlas Machinery and @Toolaholic visited the factories in Germany and were quite impressed. If you follow either of them on instagram their story feeds were full of videos from the tour. Toolaholic was impressed with the quantity, efficiency, and precision involved in each step of the manufacturing process.

The Wiha Tools Sales team  took some time out to experience Germany

The Wiha booth was full of people experiencing the latest and greatest from Wiha including the speedE®

Brand new launch from @wihatoolsca @wihaofficial @wihausa, the SPEED E screwdriver. – This is the worlds first lithium ion powered driver that does not exceed the handle dimensions of a standard screwdriver. The forward/backward control is a rotating collar, which my thumb is resting on. Just a little twist and it will drive. – Wiha describes this as the perfect mix between a power tool and a hand tool. Electricians, installers, final trimout, mechanics, technicians (hvac, refrig, plumbing) etc. – Internally, it uses a common 18500 lithium cell, which is readily available. Depending on the type of screw and the desired tension, you can expect around 800 screws to be driven. – The charger is USB powered or uses an included adapter. There will be 3 sets offered, entry-mid-full. The differences will be what bit sets and torque adapters will be included. – Video to come – #wiha #wihatools #batteryscrewdriver #speede #electrician #hvac #plumbing #construction #installer #contractor #madeingermany

A post shared by Tools Carpentry Construction (@toolaholic) on

There was a sneak peek at new Ratcheting Wrenches


There were multiple posts, photos and videos from the show.  This is just a brief recap and we will be posting more this week. We are excited to get our hands on the speedE® and ratcheting wrenches in North America.  Pricing and availability to be announced later.

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Wiha Tools announces the addition of The Rouzer Group


Willi Hahn Corporation USA dba Wiha Tools announces the addition of The Rouzer Group to our manufacturing representative network. As of March 1, 2018, The Rouzer Group will be responsible for Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota in the Industrial and STAFDA Distribution channels. They will also represent Wiha Tools in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin for the Electrical Distribution channel.

28 sales people represent The Rouzer Group who are divided into; channel sales staff, inside sales staff, divisional sales management, merchandising specialists and blueprint specification specialists. These individuals will help facilitate Wiha Tools expansion into new market segments in each of their respective territories.

The Rouzer group is currently owned by 3rd and 4th generation partners: Larry Benner, Tony Blinkhorn and Pete Deeg. They are dedicated in representing only market leading manufactures. “The Rouzer Group is very knowledgeable, hardworking and a dedicated company, it will be a pleasure to get to know and work closely with them.” Says, Bob Ash, Director of Sales for Wiha Tools.

The addition of Wiha Tools gives The Rouzer Group the opportunity to provide our distributors with one of the largest selection of premium hand tools for the industrial and electrical professional. “Given Wiha’s commitment to the industry, solid reputation and best in class product, I am confident we will make an immediate impact across our channels of distribution.” Said, Larry Benner, one of the co-owners of The Rouzer Group.

Wiha Tools announces the addition of State Side Sales

MONTICELLO, MN – 2/27/2018

Willi Hahn Corporation USA dba Wiha Tools announces the addition of State Side Sales to our manufacturing representative network. As of February 1, 2018, State Side Sales is responsible for managing the Industrial/Electronic/Electrical channels of distribution in Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina and Florida.

State Side Sales, with Joe Durbin as President, is an agency focused on providing a fresh academic and experience-based review to develop a quantitative research model. Starting with a back-to-basics approach review of the product, channels of distribution and promotion strategies. They take a realistic view of the distributors they represent and review the market with these factors that are the key drivers to full fill each product.

“The addition of Wiha Tools gives us the opportunity to provide our customers with one of the largest selection of premium insulated and non-insulated hand tools the industry has to offer. With Wiha’s best in class product, solid reputation and commitment to the industry, it will be great to be a part of their team and delivering “ROCKING” sales.” Said, Joe Durbin, President of State Side Sales.

Wiha Tools is committed to a leadership role within the Industrial/Electronic/Electrical channels of distribution in North, Central and South America. The partnership with State Side Sales is another step in the progression of delivering the highest level of service to our dealers and
end-users. “I’m excited for this opportunity to work with State Side Sales, they will make a huge impact in our premium hand tool markets with their knowledge and hard-working reputation.” Said, Mark Jost, Eastern Sales Manager.