A Detroit Sparky showing the auto pliers in action

Thanks to @detroit_electrical for posting a quick video of the Wiha auto pliers doing what it does best.

What’s the Worst Hand Tool of All Time?

There are thousands upon thousands of tools out there in the world that we love and depend on. Most of those tools were created out of necessity—to get the job done right. But there are tools out there that get many of us scratching our heads and wondering what the heck were they thinking?

Our Finds

We’ve listed below a few tools that could possibly take the title of the “Worst Tool of All Time” to include one of our own.

Some are Ridiculous

Adjustable “Hand” Wrench


Double-Fist Hammer


Some are Bad Design

Autoloading screwdriver

An underpowered screwdriver


All Kidding Aside

We know these are more or less jokes at best…or terrible designs at worst, but they certainly make for good conversation pieces to have around the shop.

There are some really terrible tools out there and we’d like to hear about what you’ve encountered.

Share with us your vote in the comments by posting an image of the tool and why you think it deserves the title of Worst Tool of All Time.

My Ultra-Driver is Better than Your Screwdriver Set

A few weeks ago I saw that the Wiha Ultra Driver 26inOne was on sale. I bought it in a flash and have to say, I’m wondering why I didn’t purchase a quality multi-bit driver a long time ago? Why would anyone need a standard set of drivers when they could have them all in one tool?


For me, it’s all about the convenience of having multiple tools at the ready. Does the Ultra Driver have all the tools I’ll ever need conveniently stored in its spring-loaded pop-up bit selector? Probably not.

For the most part, though, it covers a wide variety of jobs.

I’m not a mechanic, but I do occasionally work on my own vehicle. I’m not a highly skilled computer hardware technician, or an electrician, or maintenance man. I’m a DIY guy who likes to fix his own problems. For me, the Ultra Driver is the perfect tool to have around. So far it’s been what I’ve used for every job needing a driver, of some kind, since I received it on my front step—other than my cordless drill/driver.

Everybody Has an Opinion

For me it’s easy. I don’t have a need for a lot of specialized tools sets. However, there’s no doubt that many of our Wiha Tool fans out there have much more demanding needs in their professional fields.

Wiha Tools USA would like to hear your thoughts.

Do you find multi tools such as the Ultra Driver 26inOne useful to you or are you in need of more purpose dedicated tools and tool sets?

Share your thoughts below.

Wiha Tools Welcomes Bob Ash, Director of Sales

Wiha Tools USA announces the appointment of Bob Ash as the Director of Sales – Western Division. Bob is a tool industry veteran with experience building businesses and brands across many different channels of distribution. Wiha Tools Welcomes Bob Ash, Director of Sales

“I am extremely excited to have Bob join Wiha. I have known Bob for over 15 years and have witnessed him transform businesses. He is a passionate and trustworthy sales executive that customers and associates enjoy working with.” said Wiha Tools Managing Director Patrick DiPerno.

Ash will focus driving new business and manage Wiha’s network of sales representatives. He is an example of Wiha’s commitment to investing in professional human resources to insure the growth of the organization and support our distribution partners.

Soft Grip BiCut SuperCut Compound Cutters 8″

Experience the Power

Soft Grip BiCut SuperCut Compound Cutters 8"Always Innovating

Another Wiha Tools innovation is found in our Soft Grip BiCut SuperCut Compound Cutters. These diagonal cutters feature a “Power” button that when pressed doubles your effective cutting potential.  The product measure 200mm/8″ OAL, giving a low force & high force cutting capacity that allows users to a wide variety of materials with just one tool.

Turn the power ON with Soft Grip BiCut SuperCut Compound Cutters 8″

Carry less in your tool bag by carrying more in one tool—the BiCut does the job of two cutters.

Let’s consider the different scenarios.

You need a pair of cutters to cut zip-ties away from some packaging. The Wiha BiCut will cut through these in a snap, but any old pair of cutters will do, right? But what if there is not enough power when cutting something more significant, or if cutting is laborious?

For instance, what if the next task in front of you requires cutters for thick gauged wire or perhaps you need to shorten some chain?

Soft Grip BiCut SuperCut Compound Cutters 8"Instead of reaching in your tool bag for a whole other (larger) set of cutters, you can grab the BiCuts and double the power at the press of a button. Once the power button is engaged, it takes up to 50% less hand strength to cut through the beefier materials.

Here’s an idea, eliminate both of your conventional cutters and carry one set of Wiha Tools Soft Grip BiCut SuperCut Compound Cutters.

The Wiha Tools BiCut Super Cutters cut a wide range of materials from copper to extremely hard piano wire, nails, screws, bolts, hardened wire, cables, spring steel, chain, etc.

Handle Comfort

Soft Grip BiCut SuperCut Compound Cutters 8"Wiha Tools BiCut Super Cutters are made from our patented high quality forged C70 tool steel and have induction hardened cutting edges for a 64 HRC edge hardness rating and outfitted with textured soft comfort grips.

Wiha Tools Introduces the No Hassle Guarantee

Willi Hahn Corporation USA dba Wiha Tools announces a No Hassle Guarantee. The policy is a departure from a traditional warranty. The Guarantee is designed to improve the end user experience. Wiha has always stood behind the quality of its products and has strived to be a leader in customer service. This No Hassle Guarantee solidifies our commitment to the customer.

“A few months back I was having a conversation with the President of another company and the topic of warranty policies came up. He was passionate about his company’s ‘fair to all’ policy. Which means if a customer is fair in the warranty request, his company will always be fair to the customer. My first thought was what a fantastic policy. It is simple and easy to understand. So, I thought, let’s learn from this and offer our customers a guarantee that reflects our commitment to them. After a few meetings, our No Hassle Guarantee was born.”  Said Wiha Tools Managing Director Patrick DiPerno.

Wiha branded tools are regarded as the most durable, best designed and highly innovative products around. Our tools are used by demanding professional tradespeople and tool aficionados alike. They are meant to be used and utilized often. And it is for that reason Wiha now supports the best customers in industry with our No Hassle Guarantee.

See the Insulated Inomic Cutters in action

@tool_dynasty made a nice video and review of our Insulated Inomic Diagonal Cutters.  It’s great to see a future contractor with an interest in quality tools.

A little review for today is the @wihausa Inomic Insulated 1000v wire snipers. One of the positives is the grip, the grip feels great on your hand when in use, it seems that it feels great in a small or a larger hand. Another positive is that the front grip automatically pops back out when not in use. (Unless Locked) Which most the time helps the worker so he don’t have to sit there and push the grip back out. And the other positive is that right side of the snipers are at a angle so when you cut the wire, you can get more clean results and the excess will go to the right side. Now we all know that in a review you have to give a negative. So a negative about these wire snipers is… well, I honestly just sat here for 10 minutes trying to get a negative and can’t! If any of my other fans out there have had any problems with these snipers, please comment, because I’ve only had these for 3 days! Overall in my word, these Wiha snipers are definitely worth the buy. I also want to shoutout and thank @kc_tool for sponsoring me with these snipers. I also want to say that @kc_tool made a good move with adding @wihausa tools to their store! #toollife #wihatools #kctoolcrew #toolreview

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Wiha Studio Launches

Wiha Studio

The creative team here at Wiha Tools USA is very excited to be in the process of launching Wiha Studio, a fully functional creative studio for delivering high-quality media content to our awesome customers.

The goal of Wiha Studio

The studio comes amidst refreshed efforts to ramp up Wiha’s marketing program in the USA. Our goal is to bring you and future customers high-quality content to help inform your purchase decisions as best we can.

The studio is equipped with all the tools needed to create high-resolution product images (to include 360-degree product views), informative product videos, promotional overviews, interviews, news, and all post-production projects.

Wiha Studio – An ongoing project for the benefit of our customers

You may have noticed a surge of newly generated blog articles, promotional videos, and product images. Are we missing anything that you need to make a better-informed decision on your tool purchases?

We highly encourage you all to let us know what you think about the content we produce for you. We would love to hear your comments and suggestions—tell us what you want to see.

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Wiha Tools Welcomes Paul Schroer, Warehouse Operations Manager

Wiha Tools announces the appointment of Paul Schroer as Warehouse Operations Manager. Paul replaces Julie Allen who will be retiring at the end of the year. Schroer is no stranger to the distribution business as he has spent most of his 20 + year career with the Fingerhut Corporation and Bluestem Brands. He is a seasoned leader with expertise in process improvement and warehouse management systems.

“It’s a privilege to welcome Paul to the Wiha team. I am looking forward to working side by side Paul as we shape the business to better handle the complexities of our distribution partners.” said Wiha Tools Managing Director Patrick DiPerno.

Schroer is the latest in a series of new hires that are positioning the company to command a leadership role within the professional tools and solution industry in North, Central and South America. Wiha Tools continues to invest in streamlining and automating operations with both human and capital investments to ensure high service levels and overall cost to quality.

Wiha Welcomes Paul Schroer“I am proud to join a company with such a strong commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and continuous improvement. I have seen this commitment shine brightly through the actions and attitude of the fine group of people that I work with. They have already made me feel I am part of the Wiha family.”

~Paul Schroer