Best Gifts For Mother’s Day 2019 from Wiha Tools

Mother’s Day 2019 is May 12th! Show mom you’re in the business of making her life easier, not harder!

  • Extra Heavy Duty Screwdrivers for Mother's Day 2019 from Wiha Tools
  • Mother's Day 2019 Precision ESD Safe Pliers from Wiha Tools USA
  • PicoFinish Mini Screwdriver Set for Mother's Day 2019 from Wiha Tools
  • Mother's Day 2019 Storage Pouch from Wiha Tools USA
  • Mother's Day 2019 5 Piece Set from Wiha Tools USA
  • Mother's Day 2019 Terminator impact bits from Wiha Tools USA
  • Mother's Day 2019 5 Piece Insulated Screwdriver Set from Wiha Tools USA
  • Electrician's Apprentice Set for Mother's Day 2019 from Wiha Tools
  • Wiha Tools T-Shirt for Mother's Day 2019
  • Mother's Day 2019 Ultra Driver from Wiha Tools USA

10. Extra Heavy Duty Screwdrivers Opening Paint Cans have a hex bolster and a steel striking cap for when DIY projects can turn rowdy, or when that old paint can just will not open. The MicroFinish handles won’t deteriorate when exposed to solvents and are slip-proof when things get messy. Find them here #53390

9. ESD Safe Precision Flush Cutting Mini Diagonal Cutters in 5.25″ are great pliers for the mom that is the crafting, specifically jewelry making maven. Our precision tips make for short work of delicate beading and wiring maneuvers as well as a comfort grip handle for hours of crafting without fatigue. Shop all of our precision pliers here #32760

8. PicoFinish Mini Screwdriver Set 5-Piece Precision Screwdrivers are excellent for tightening those tiny glasses screws that no one knows what size they are- now mom can save the day! Tightening laptop screws, taking battery covers off of toys, and more. Screwdriver caps spin for easy maneuverability and the size is listed on the top. Pick these up for you and mom here # 26195

7. Find the wide selection of tool pouches to serve a double purpose Yes they can keep mom’s tool safe, but also her knitting needles, sewing kit, first aid kit in the car, or fancy pen collection! Find these organization gems here #91473

6. Move over Fanny Pack, there’s a new belt pouch in town. This Pliers, Cutters, and Screwdrivers set comes complete with it’s own pouch. It’s able to be threaded onto a belt or hung in the garage. It’s the homeowner specialty set. 3 drivers, (Slotted & Phillips) in the most common sizes, a Diagonal Cutters, and a long nose pliers. There isn’t much that you, mom, or you and mom couldn’t take on with this set in the house. Order yours here #32655

5. When Mom get’s the DIY bug and has to take-on the latest #palletwoodproject or hanging her latest art obsession get her some Terminator impact bits that can work just as hard as she does. These have a bi-material torsion zone that help the bit to flex when in use, increasing it’s lifespan up to 30 times of a standard Wiha impact bit! For all of the
dis-assembling and re-assembling projects mom has, build away with #76813 T25 or #76802 Phillips #2

4. For the Mom who isn’t afraid of a little wiring or electricity, give her to gift of safety. The Insulated SlimLine Screwdriver Set is tested at 10,000 Volts and rated for 1,000 volts. So when she’s working on changing the ceiling fans, electrical outlets, or anything else that deals with live wires, there’s that just in case back-up. Make mom even more invincible here. #32194

3. For the extra cool mom that is an electrician, HVAC Technician, or tradeswoman, look into our new insulated sets. These have been specially pieced together to give the essentials that any tradesman or woman might need on the job. Available in 3 levels – Apprentice, Journeyman, and Master Electrician. Feast your eyes on them here #32934

2. Wiha T-Shirt in our newest color of Pink! They’re also available in red, white, or Grey. Cotton T’s are the weekend warrior’s staple in the closet. Adorn mom with a Wiha T-shirt and get yourself a matching one! How sweet are you! Get all matchy here #91684

For most Mom’s tools really aren’t their thing – We get that! But this tool has transformed non-tool enthusiasts into empowered DIY’ers. Our Ultra Driver Tradesman 26-in-1 has 13 double sided, common sized bits that are all kept in the handle in it’s rotating bit carousel. The locking bit holder ensures easy work, and the ergonomic handle makes tightening and loosening around the house a breeze. Give mom the power of her very own Ultra Driver. “Pop-up” into her good graces here 77790


Mother's Day 2019 Fishing Lure

For the Mom that likes to hit the water, give her the gift of a Wiha Tools Limited Edition Rattlin’ Rapala. Order her some fish bait here

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