An Apple a Day: Wiha Tools + Apple®

As the inventors of the modern day precision screwdriver, it only makes sense that Wiha has been step for step, or more so iPhone for iPhone, with Apple®. Since the beginning, we’ve provided the tools needed to open and repair Apple and Non-apple tech devices alike.

Our Precision Screwdrivers come in a variety of styles, tips, and sets. They are available in Slotted, Phillips, PoziDriv, Hex Inch, Hex Metric, Ball End Hex, Nut Drivers, Torx, and Pentalobe. All tips are precision machined to ensure an exact fit in your application.

The handles are molded on the blade to create a permanent bond to the blades. Our handles are available in ESD Safe, VDE Rated/Insulated, PicoFinish, and our Classic Precision Handled.

Wiha + Apple


2007 iPhone 1: Phillips #00 26100 26101

2008 iPhone 3G: Phillips #00 26100 26101

2009 iPhone 3GS: Phillips #00 26100 26101

2010 iPhone4: #000 Phillips or Pentalobe 26102

2011 iPhone 4S: Pentalobe P2 26762

2012 iPhone 5:  Pentalobe 26762

2013 iPhone 5c: P2 Pentalobe 26762

2013 iPhone 5s: Pentalobe 26762

2014 iPhone 6: Pentalobe 26762

2015 iPhone 6s: Pentalobe P2 26762

2016 iPhone SE: Pentalobe 26762

2016 iPhone 7: Pentalobe 26762

2017 iPhone 8: Pentalobe 26762

2017 iPhone X: Pentalobe, Y000 once inside 26762 & 26601 or 26631

2018 iPhone XR: Pentalobe P2 26762, Y000 26631,

2018 iPhone XS: Pentalobe P2 26762, Y000 26631, Phillips #000 26130

Wiha + Apple


2013 MacBook Unibody Model A1342:  Phillips #00 and Y000

Find a precision set for yourself here:

Sets Designed for Mobile and Electronic Device Repair

Precision Slotted/Phillips Screwdriver 7 Piece Set
PicoFinish Precision Screwdrivers Phone Repair Set
Precision ESD Safe Slotted/Phillips Screwdriver 8 Piece Set

Where can I buy iPhone Tools? &

Where can I buy Apple Tools? &

You get the picture. Make Wiha Tools your first stop in buying tools to work on mobile devices and computers.

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