Top 10 Wiha Gifts for Dad – Under $100! 👔🔨🔧

First Fathers Day or 50th Fathers Day, all dads are sure to enjoy the gift of Quality Hand Tools.

Say thanks with our list of 10 gifts for Dad that are guaranteed to show him he’s #1 in your book! No matter the level of tool enthusiast, we have something to put a smile on his face.

12 piece screwdriver set

1. SoftFinish® Slotted/Phillips Screwdriver 12 Piece Set

The most recognizable tool in the world would be arguably the screwdriver. Graduate Dad’s old set to the Wiha SoftFinish® 12 piece set.

Why Dad needs it: Guaranteed to get the most use out of all tools in the box. No more mismatched or missing screwdrivers.  Plus, it’ll feel nice in everyone’s hand.

2. UltraDriver 26-in-1 Technicians:

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Now Introducing: Wiha Wire Strippers

Wiha Wire Strippers

On May 17th we released 6 models of Wire Strippers. These are the first Wiha Tools to be made in the USA of High Carbon Heat Treated Tool Steel.

Building the Excitement

Wire Strippers vote

From May 1st to May 15th, we hosted a poll to determine which model of wire stripper we would offer a discount code for on top of the sale price. By a 17 vote lead, our #57810 Wire Stripper Pliers 7.25 was the winner! We’re offering a 20% off discount with code “wirestrippersrelease2018” to receive the discount until Friday 5/18/18.


We selected a few Wiha Tool Testers to try out our Wire Strippers and see their initial reactions.

We’re ecstatic to see these showing up on Instagram, YouTube, job sites, and tool bags.


In order to ensure you have the best viewing possible of the tools, we made 360 videos.

57810 Wire Stripper


57812 Wire Stripper


57814 Wire Stripper


57816 Wire Stripper


57818 Wire Stripper


57820 Wire Stripper



To provide a complete overview of the newest additions, we created a YouTube video.

Release Day!

Get your hands on your own set of Wiha Wire Strippers at and for Canada

Wiha Tools Welcomes Lauren Steinbach – Digital Marketing Coordinator

Laurne Steinbach photo as new Wiha Tools Digital marketing coordinatorWiha Tools announces the appointment of Lauren Steinbach as the new Digital Marketing Coordinator. This new position is newly created for the American Business Group and has been designed to improve Wiha’s social media presence. Lauren has previous experience managing digital marketing accounts for PenRad Technologies, Inc and Hamline University.

“Lauren brings a unique skillset and new ideas to our digital marketing efforts. She will be critical to amplifying and coordinating our marketing strategies.  She will create conversations with our customers on social media, grow the Wiha Tool Club, and empower Wiha tool owners to share their experience and passion for our tools.” Said E-Commerce Manager, Andrew Sherrard.

Steinbach stated “I am very excited about this position and the growth that it offers professionally. Wiha has such an engaged and large audience due to the emphasis on high quality premium tools. I am eager to help in various ways to foster and increase our following in the digital world.”

Lauren is an example of Wiha’s commitment to investing in both social media and top-notch talent. To ensure the growth of the organization and the brand.