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Wiha Tools USA is the choice of skilled professionals worldwide.

From the most scrupulous automotive technicians to the most specialized DIY professionals, Wiha Tools USA strives to meet and exceed the expectations of hands-on workers around the world by developing, designing, and manufacturing products with the highest standards of functionality, durability, and ergonomic comfort.

Safety is our utmost priority—especially when it comes to arch flash protection. We offer a wide selection of VDE Certified Insulated Tools. To learn about our selection visit our Insulated Tools Page.

We Work in Your Industry


You have a job to do. Use the right tool for it.

Tradesmen require general and specialized tools to get the job done right. Wiha Tools USA supplies hardworking tradesmen in the USA and Canada with high-quality hand tools that withstand the harshest environments, deliver value, and provide for safe and comfortable use.

We offer a variety of state of the art tools from general-use for everyday maintenance and repair to specialized tools useful in electrical, aviation, first responder, automotive, and gunsmithing applications. 

State of the art innovation and uncompromising design sets us apart as the tradesman’s first choice for tools ranging from common screwdrivers to tools with arc flash protection. Choose Wiha Tools USA.

Trusted by Tradesmen Around the World


Specialist is in your job description.
Specialized tools is ours.

Technicians, you’ve mastered your skill and have become a subject matter expert in your field. You take pride in and have a reputation for quality in the work you deliver. You need tools you can depend on.

Wiha Tools USA has your back. Our tools ranging from ESD safe tools to precision screwdrivers, are crafted for the most meticulous technical specialists around the world.

We know you have high standards and Wiha Tools USA strives to meet your expectations.

Technicians of all Types Trust Wiha Tools USA

Defense & Emergency Services

You serve with integrity and always put the mission first.
It’s our mission to support you as you selflessly serve others.

You’ve taken an oath to defend your nation, fight fires, or save the lives of others—all while putting your own life on the line.

Wiha Tools USA admires and respects your efforts to serve people. We know that you need equipment you can depend on in highly volatile situations.

Whether performing preventative checks before going on patrol or having that special tool for a mountain rescue, you can trust Wiha Tools USA will always support you.

Disaster Recovery
Law enforcement
Emergency medical
Unexploded Ordinance Disposal
Search and Rescue
Amateur Radio Emergency Communications
Emergency Response Teams


DIY Professionals

Do it yourself with the best pro tools in the industry.

You approach your DIY projects with the mindset of a pro.

We get it—we have our special projects too.

From repairing or modifying drones to building and maintaining firearms, you certainly don’t want to use tools which fail to perform. Wiha Tools USA has a wide selection of DIY pro tools ranging from precision screwdrivers to ESD safe.

What’s your DIY side project?

RC / Drones
Amateur radio